Get insights, advice and tools to achieve your AI transformation mission...


We will investigate your business processes to determine whether it requires an AI based solution. If it does, we will gather the requirements and assess them.
Prepare a roadmap for transformation.


You might have a sufficient amount of data ready for collection and analysis. If it isn’t the case, we will collect the data from external sources. Then we will process internal and external data to find patterns and correlations.


Once the data is in good shape, we use different tools and frameworks to implement. Learning model development involves a lot of experimentation and discovery until  the algorithm gives great results.

we provide
Artificial Intelligence consulting

In the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), for a strategy consulting, a precise technology understanding and expertise are required. And we are providing all the essentials, which will certainly lead your company to more efficient & customer oriented. We do AI Business case identification, Strategy roadmap development. we provide specialist end-to-end strategic consulting and development for the success of your business.

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AI Competence as Strategy


a nimble and responsive enterprise due to deeper AI-driven insights


a basis for automation and embracing AI and Machine Learning technologies


risk of obsolescent technology and lagging behind the competition


on AI and infrastructure investments through an Enterprise Roadmap-based approach

Blockchain Consulting

Engage with the Adriot CadenaTech team to improve your comprehension of the intricacies of blockchain applications with our blockchain consulting services. It’s the latest buzz word and with hype around it….. a question rises “Is it a panacea for all business gaps?”

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About Us 

Adriot CadenaTech is a technology consulting company focused on exploring new & emerging technologies. We offer Artificial Intelligence, Process Automation & Blockchain consulting services. We provide specialist end-to-end strategic consulting and implementation making sure success of your AI investment in the ever changing technological landscape and bring you closer to your customers than you ever thought possible. 

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