Adriot CadenaTech
Adriot CadenaTech is a Technology Company focused on exploring new & emerging technologies. Innovation & Industry Disruption are the two key elements which shape our product development. Emerging technologies which caught our interest and induced a new vigor are Blockchain, IoT and Artificial Intelligence.

We established a research lab in Hyderabad, India with aim of developing products that would disrupt existing centralized (a middleman / entity / software, trusted by all users, who has total control over the system and mediates every transaction) and black-boxed (the functioning of the ledger and its data are not fully visible to its users) framework.

We have been actively working in use-cases of Blockchain technology coupled with Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, developing proof of concepts for various industry sectors. Over the time, our team has built an expertise in Blockchain technology, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things & Big Data and is working in developing prototypes.

We offer expert consulting, prototype development, solution development & implementation and application development in distributed ledger technologies, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Big Data.

Our customer-oriented approach is focused on building long-term relationship with our clients through our effective implementation, coupled with our impressive service delivery. We provide each client with high quality product and services. We believe in absolute sincerity and state-of-the-art Product / Application development, we can truly be proud of.

Talent Acquisition
The Adriot CadenaTech are experts in assessing your company’s’ recruitment needs, locating top recruitment personnel, building high performance talent acquisition teams, and creating effective recruitment strategies and processes.

In addition, we offer assessment of your application tracking system, or integration of new systems if needed. We can also conduct interview skills and candidate assessment training for hiring managers and support staff. Let us position your organization to compete successfully for high level talent in a hyper-competitive market.

Adriot CadenaTech’s Core Values

Complete honesty and sincerity in all we do.

Striving for superior quality in every task we perform.

Respecting each individual working together as team.

Security and privacy of customer information is important for us.

Open, honest communication at all levels.

Listening to our customers.

Passion, risk & leadership in every task we do.