It enhances interactivity and streamlines customer service by tracking questions and responses between employees, contractors and payroll staff.

Within the HR industry, organisational efficiency of its people management remains paramount. For this to be done, HR needs to understand their workforce. HR needs to make sure that their workforce’s payroll is always processed on time and that upon completion of a payroll-run, that it is always 100% correct. Here, PayInt came into existence.

The payroll sector needs to be adaptive towards the benefits that it can pose for companies, employees as well as payroll staff.

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AIPer is an intelligent Platform  which performs most of the tasks initiated by user through voice or chat i.e.,
Meeting Scheduler, Mail scheduler, Todo /Task list.

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When an Asset is brought under blockchain network, it becomes unique digital property and a transfer of it is guaranteed to be safe, immutable and secure. Everyone knows the transfer has taken place, as the data is replicated at various parties (nodes) but the contents of the transaction could be only viewed by the intended receiver.

There will be only one single source of truth in the network. Asset Provenance i.e. traces an asset back to its manufacturer or creator thereby giving you insights about the origin of the asset.

Some of the areas our solution fits

  • Supply Chain: Recording an asset’s origin and subsequent transfers.
  • Land Transfers / Entitlements
  • Vehicle Registers and transfers
  • Accreditation services (Certifications…..etc)

This application would be apt for the manufacturers, producers, retailers, dealers, service centers, insurers, customers…..etc.

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