Token Consulting – ICO Assist

Token Consulting – ICO Assist

The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) process involves distribution of digital assets (tokens), which are sold to the project’s target audience. As such, a startup can fund further development of its product, while users receive a tradable asset in return. The price of this token is linked to the success and development of the company’s business.

Advantages of ICO

  •  Saving of expenses on attraction of the capital
  •  Savings costs for servicing of attracted capital
  •  Access to unlimited capital
  •  Free growth of company value
  •  Absence of risks of loss of control over business
  •  Flexibility in structuring a project

Your Trusted ICO Developer

ICOs are similar to IPOs and crowd-funding. And there’s a technical structure that needs to be set up to run campaigns of this nature. We help you establish campaigns to fit your crypto-currency business model. Our developers will help you set up the necessary structure based on what type of money will be accepted and the duration of your initial coin offering campaign

It’s essential to have a secure environment since you will be selling a percentage of your crypto-currency to early backers. The Adriot CadenaTech team is prepared to set up campaigns specific to your fundraising goals. ICO Consulting Security is a top concern with the ICO structure. We’ll set up the necessary safeguards to maintain the security preferred as you run your ICO campaigns. You’ll also appreciate our expertise as you move your software onto the blockchain.